1969 FRAMUS 5/156 Strato Bass Electric 4-String Bass Guitar Seafoam Green #26347

1969 FRAMUS 5/156 Strato Bass Electric 4-String Bass Guitar Seafoam Green #26347

1969 FRAMUS 5/156 Strato Bass Electric 4-String Bass Guitar Seafoam Green #26347

1969 FRAMUS 5/156 Strato Bass Electric 4-String Bass Guitar Seafoam Green #26347. MODEL - 5/156 Strato Bass. FUNCTION - Electric Bass Guitar.

DESCRIPTION - This listing is for a very rare 1969 FRAMUS 5/156 Strato Bass Electric Bass Guitar in Seafoam Green. Serial Number: 95568-69C (Manufactured 1969). Guitar Weight: 7.7 lbs. Nut Width - 1.5.

General Neck Shape: Thin Classic C Shape. Knob & Switch Configuration: Volume, Tone.

ACCESSORIES - This item comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories. For its age the bass looks great! There are few light dings and areas of discoloration in the finish. The back of the neck shows very little wear, and the headstock has only a few minor scuffs. The tuners show light oxidation, but they are in good condition.

The bridge is in great shape. The strap pegs and knobs are in good condition. Overall the structural integrity is solid. It plays and sounds great! It's neck is more narrow than modern 4-string basses, similar to a Silvertone or Danelectro, which enables easy access up and down the neck with minimal fatigue. The action is currently set to an average level and although it plays very well, there is some minor fret buzz that could benefit from a basic setup. The bass has a rich, classic tone. This is a fun instrument to play! We strongly suggest that you check your order after receiving it to be sure that it is in proper working order. NOT WORKING FOR PARTS AS-IS. We do our best to fairly evaluate the condition of a non-working item and give an honest description of any symptoms. If there are any further conditions, missing parts, or dead-issues with the item that are unknown in this type of listing, we will not be held liable for it. It does not cover such things as normal wear and tear. Incorrect voltage, un-authorized or self-repair, moisture damage, failure to follow manufacturers instructions or incorrect application etc. Acts of god, the old gods and the new gods, forces of nature, items with removed serial numbers, microphone ribbons, speaker drivers, capsules, batteries, tubes, bulbs, damage resulting from the use or misuse of voltage regulators, losses incurred from loss of business, clients, down-time, profits or for personal inconveniences or expenses in travel, gas etc. We also accept all major credit cards. Please inquire for a special quote. Direct signature on packages is an option. Packages lost due to theft are not the responsibility of Techno Empire Inc.

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1969 FRAMUS 5/156 Strato Bass Electric 4-String Bass Guitar Seafoam Green #26347

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